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Now, on to the real stuff.

I am a fan of movies. Specifically horror-type movies. The worse, the better. Basically, I enjoy sitting down for an hour and a half and laughing at whatever movie someone (say, SyFy Channel, for instance) decided to make. For me, I find I typically think about movies as fitting into at least one of three categories:

Good Movies

Good Movies are ones that rocked whatever year they came out and shook the earth with their passing. They are the Godfathers, the Shawshank Redemptions, the Lord of the Rings‘ of moviedom. These are the movies that just about anyone, after watching, walks out of the theater and, at worst, says “I’m not sure whether or not I liked it, but that was a good movie!”.

Bad Movies

These are the opposite of Good Movies. These are the movies that may or may not have been hyped, or built-up, or had expensive budgets, but that definitely failed to deliver, for whatever reason. They are the Bloodraynes, the Postmans, the Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus‘ of moviedom. These are the movies that not only were obviously bad, but were also completely lacking (or at least, mostly lacking) any sort of entertainment value. The majority of viewers of these movies will agree they generally suck.

Fun Movies

Fun Movies are the ones I always hope to find. They can be either Good Movies or Bad Movies, but whatever else they are, they’re always entertaining. These are the movies you want to watch with friends, the ones that inspired Mystery Science Theater 3000 and that inspire others to imitate MST3K. They are the The Rooms, the Manos: The Hands of Fates, the Nosferatus and Night of the Living Deads of moviedom (for the record, I included two Bad Movies and two Good Movies in that list; I’ll let you watch them all and decide which are which). These are the movies that, whether Good or Bad, are always enjoyable and make for great movie nights.

There are, of course, other categories into which I place movies (Surprising Movies, Disappointing Movies, Boring Movies), but typically, after I watch something, I start to think of it is as either Good, Bad, or Neither (this last category fits a wide range of movies, very few of which will end up on this blog), and as either Fun or Not Fun.

So there’s my movie philosophy. Take it as you will, and whether you watch Good Movies or Bad ones, may they at least always be Fun.


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